「FinPitch」Application Guidelines

Recruiting Participants for FinPitch

■Application Candidates

    Individuals and/or organizations that have launched, or are involved in, Internet・Cloud・Social Media-based innovative and revolutionary financial services, or those who are interested in launching such services in the near future

■Recruitment Capacity

    10~15 individuals or organizations

■Application Schedule

  • Application Period: December 2nd, 2015 ~ Early January, 2016
  • Screening Period: December 21st, 2015 ~ Early January, 2016
  • Notification of Results: Mid-January, 2016
  • *We will notify applicants of the results

■How to Apply

    Please notify us via the email address below, and you will receive a response from one of our representatives:

    Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.
    Financial Industry Business Operations Strategic Planning Department
    FIBC Organizer
    *We ask that「FIBC 2016 Finpitch Request of Participation」be included in the Email title,
    and that applicants include the name of their company, the services they are offering,
    a representative name and a contact address in the content of the Email.

■Application Documents

  • A provided application form
    *Application form will be sent after receiving emails from applicants.
  • Materials explaining the provided service

■Application Requirements

  • To be a start-up company of less than five years
  • services to be presented should have been launched after april 2014 or planned in the near future.
    If the service has yet to begun, it is crucial that a demonstration is possible by January of
    2016 and that a detailed explanation of the service can be provided to our FIBC Head Office
  • To be a unique service that has not yet been displayed at any FIBCs that have taken
    place over the past four years (individuals and organizations that have taken part in past FIBCs
    are welcome so long as the offered service is new)
  • To prepare presentations in the following languages:
    Presentations → English (initially)
    Materials → Japanese and English
    Reponses to Questions → English (initially) *Please consult with us regarding details
  • To refrain from refusing acceptance once the applied service passes the screening
  • To correspond to a company visit from the FIBC Head Office after the application process
  • To participate in presentation rehearsals scheduled to take place after mid-January of 2016
  • To approve that all photographs or videos taken during the event may be displayed on the
    FIBC official website post event
  • To ensure no affiliation whatsoever with any anti-social forces (e.g. gang groups, etc.),
    including financial sponsorship from such organizations

■Screening Requirements

    The following are five elements/factors that will most be taken into account during the screening process:

  • Company credentials (appeal)
  • Business Model innovativeness (creativity)
  • Business growth potential (profitability)
  • Global service potential
  • Level of impact on the financial industry
    (Notices regarding application)

  • Applicants are able to take full responsibility for the technical and manufactural production
    of the applied service and in no way violate or steal a third party’s intellectual property
  • Applicants are able to take full financial responsibility for the costs related to the
    application process, screening and demonstration of the service
  • Applicants take the precautions and actions necessary in protecting their intellectual property
    in regards to the application and presentation content, and recognize that the content is appropriate
    to display publicly and shall conceal no part of the content to the FIBC Head Office, judges or any
    other participants of the conference.